The Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization was established in 1981. The organization’s sole purpose at the time was to raise funds for a Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Howard County for the 31 Howard county Vietnam Veterans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. With the support of a lot of good people in Kokomo and Howard County Indiana and the approval of city and county officials the funds were raised, the memorial was built on the downtown square of Kokomo in the courthouse.

After that enormous project was completed, the officers and members were trying to decide what project the organization could do next. Someone said half jokingly, “lets have a hog roast for Vietnam Veterans”. Everybody agreed and that was the beginning of the now famous Annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion held for the last 39 years. The reunion is the oldest annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion in the country and most say by far the best! The organization owns 37 acres 8 miles east of Kokomo Indiana on State Road 26. Our nickname for our property is the Healing Fields. Many veterans have found themselves on our property. We are open 12 months a year, and have over 2500 members nationwide, which include Vietnam and Sandbox Veterans. As of 2020 our yearly Reunion was changed from 4 days to a week long and is for ALL Veterans.
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                                                      THIS IS OUR LOGO.
The 31 Stars represent the 31 young men that gave their lives during service to this Great Country defending our constitution. These 31 were from the cities of Greentown, Kokomo and Russiaville, Howard County Indiana