Howard County Vietname Veterans
Coast Guard
Air Force


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Most are aware that we had to cancel the June Reunion due to the virus.
We, the Board are determined to not let this virus ruin our year and with that in mind
The Board has decided to make it a blow out in September. In 2020 our September Reunion
will be starting on Monday September 14th at 11:00 am  SANDBOX
                                                                  15th at 11:00 am  SANDBOX
                                                                  16th  FREE DAY  (NO BANDS)
                                                                  17th  11:00 am     VIETNAM
                                                                  18th  11:00 am     VIETNAM      Brick laying approximately 11:30
                                                                  19th  11:00 am     VIETNAM
                                                                 SPECIAL GUEST ALL WEEK
                                                                   Beer Barn will be opened all week
                                                                   T-Shirt will be opened all week long with both Jun and Sept Shirts
                                                                   we are working on having vendors opening on Monday
                                                                   Camping remains the same for September

 We may not have got to start the summer of like normal but will will finish with a blast.
So make you plans now,
                                        get your reservations in
                                                                              and join us for a solid week of party


From the desk of the President:
In 1 month, we will have the 2020 reunion and on the mind of most members is the question How are we going to do this safely?
We the board are asking that the members be respectful of each other. 
We understand that there will be those members that will wear a mask and others that will not want to. Some will want to offer the normal hug to their brothers and sisters while others will prefer to bump fists or elbows this year. 
We the Board ask that the members do what they have done for the last 38 years, use common sense and respect the choices of others.
If you are sick then maybe you should think about staying home this year. For those that do come to the Healing Fields and choose not to wear a mask, we will assume that you have a medical condition that would prohibit the wearing of a mask, and legally we cannot ask what that condition is.
Each one of the campsites are 20x40. So, whether you camp by yourself or with a group there is enough room for the 6-foot social distance.
We will have hand sanitizer located in the Big Room, Beer Barn and the NEW General Store.
Masks will be available upon request
Jim Proffit

explanation of camping