2018 Reunion Camping Registration Form

36th Annual Vietnam Veterans and All Veterans Reunion

When: Sep. 13th - Sep. 16th, 2018
Where: 8313 E 400 S, Greentown, IN 46936

Things To Remember:
  • If you need to run a generator past midnight for Health reasons, then you must be in campsites 600-1000 EAST. 
  • After June 11th members reservations received without a prior Lot Assignment will be processed as camping sites become available. (REMEMBER--- ONE LOT PER MEMBER ONLY)
  • Camping Reservation Fee: maximum 8 nights for early arrival beginning Sept 13, 2018 @ $10 per night. Minimum of 3 nights required, beginning Sept 13 - Sept 16 @ $10 per night. (Reminder you may arrive earlier than Sept. 9th but you only have to pay for eight days)
  • Wristbands may also be purchased at the gate upon your arrival for the 36th annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion the 3rd week of Sept 2018.

After the September reunion, please move you camper to the south side of the roads east of Tookolo 
Hall (east of the grounds). Storage fees are due October 1st and must be paid prior to acceptance of your 
camping reservation for 2018.

  1. You must submit a reservation form and payment to secure your campsite.
  2. Membership MUST be current through July 1, 2018.
  3. Separate checks must be sent in for membership and camping or check will be returned
  4. For current lot holder’s- the person’s name that appears on the lot of record must be the same name who submits payment i.e. personal check, cashier’s check, money order.
  5. If storage fees become delinquent and you are a reunion camper, your campsite for the following year’s reunion will be revoked and your reservation will be treated as a newcomer and you will be reassigned as open campsites become available.


Any questions? Please contact HCVVO camping 765-628-0297 and leave your name, phone number, and a brief message.

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2018 Reunion Camping Registration

Reservation Fee Info (Maximum of 8 nights/Minimum of 3 nights)

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