PRESIDENT'S  MESSAGE                  

5 January, 2019

From the President's Desk

Greeting Brothers and Sisters of HCVVO

Wishing all a joyous and Happy New Year.

For those of you who may not know, we are under new leadership here at the organization

President                   Tim Minnick
Vice President           Bobby Burtch
Head Trustee             James (Bo) Marshall

Without getting into details we are moving ahead and not looking back.

With that being said this is what needs to happen here in the months ahead for this organization to prosper.
                 1. We will bring our insurance coverage back to Howard County
                 2. Reduce spending as much as possible so we can meet required payments
                 3. Get more people involved in all aspects of both reunions
                 4. Get back those people who were offended and driven away, members, merchants, 
                      vendors, sponsors, etc.     


So at this time I would challenge each of our members to donate what you can to help us bring our finances back to solvency. We have a Sandbox to get ready for and we need your help.
                   ( ) $100.00    ( ) $75.00   ( ) $50.00 ( ) $25.00   ( ) other   Click here

Please mail to:
                             Howard County Vietnam Veterans, INC
                             8313 E. 400 S.
                              Greentown, IN    46936

Thank You so much for the gift, whatever it might be.

In God We Trust

Tim Minnick