Howard County Vietnam Veterans Annual Scholarship

Requirements to be considered

  1. Be a member in good standing or the child or grandchild of a member in good standing
  2. Include a copy of your High School and/or College Transcripts
  3. Include one letter of recommendation and a copy of your personal essay
  4. Fill out the form below

Printable Scholarship

Essay Considerations

Your essay can include what makes you the best candidate for this scholarship, any special family or personal situations you may have, and your plans after high school (both educationally and career-wise). You may also want to include what motivates you to succeed and how this scholarship will help you.

We would also like your thoughts on the following question in the essay:

What if an aspiring military leader and a veteran go on a road trip across this great nation. When they return, the aspiring military leader goes on to do great things in our country. What did the leader learn from the veteran that contributed to his positive success?