Wall Of Honor

A New Generation of Heroes

Wall of Honor
To show our support and to honor the new generation of heroes, the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization is placing a new permanent display on the Wall of Honor at the Veterans' property listing the names of all service members who served, or are presently serving in the armed forces of this nation, who have served in Operation Desert Storm, in Afghanistan, and/or Operation Iraqi Freedom. For those who are serving in the armed forces, you must have been sworn in and have completed your basic training to qualify to have your name added to our Wall of honor.

If you have a family member, friend, or if you know someone who served or is serving in the above listed campaigns or in one of the branches of the armed forces of our nation and would like to see their name listed on this display, please contact Dennis Chapman at (765) 453-5688, or you may send an email to to the attention of Chappy. 

Please have the following information at hand: 1) Name, 2) Rank, 3) Branch of Service, 4) home town and campaign, and in addition, if the service member received any medal (Purple Heart, Bronze Star, etc.) please note this.

If a service member gave his/her life during these campaigns, this will be noted by the placement of a cross in front of the service member's name. 

Please note that there is no cost to have the individual service member's name added to the display.

The Veteran's property is located near the junction of SR 213 and SR 26, just south of Greentown, Indiana. If you are local, then you may also call (765) 628-0297. 

Please don't wait, 
help us honor these heroes now. 
We are proud of each and every one. Wall of Honor
A New Generation of Heroes