Bow Your Heads
God, I thank you for the people who gave so much of their time last year along with the blessings you give to our veterans. You have been so good to us. Help us to reach forward and be a light to the world around us and thank you for the peace you bring us, without you, we would not have it. Going into this year, help us to walk with you and talk with you so we can be the people we need to be.

Chappy's Cornerresources within you

I would like to thank all the volunteers that helped last year. We had a very wonderful year at VA Marion Hospital with bingo, cookouts and yes our Large Christmas party. Also our coat drives went super well for the half way houses. God has blessed us to be able to help our veterans.Besides our Marion VA visits we have added visits at Indianapolis VA hospital. We are going from room to room and giving out things the veterans can use. I want to thank those who gave at our Christmas walk last September. You helped make it a very wonderful time for the Veterans we help at Christmas time. I am doing a lot of counseling with the veterans that have come back from overseas and all vets that need it. Please remember to keep them in your prayers.

God Bless,