HCVVO 38th Annual Reunion

09/17/2020 - 09/20/2020, 11:00 AM - 11:30 PM

Howard County Healing Field

  1. HCVVO 37th Annual Reunion
  2. SEPTEMBER 17th – 20th
  3. Live entertainment will start TBA
  4. Entry fee for the 38th Annual Reunion is $15.00 for the entire reunion
  5. Camping fee for the annual reunion is $10.00 per day with a Four day minimum and an eight day maximum .So if you want to camp for ten days you only have to pay for eight days plus the entry fee.   
  6. ALL CAMPING SITES for the 38th annual reunion are assigned and a camping form must be fill out and mailed to us between Feb 1 and June 1 with your full payment.    
  7. If you had a camping site last year you MUST complete a registration form and mail it with your camping fee between Feb 1 - Jun 1.  Please return the new camp site registration form with your payment by June 1st . 
  8. If you want to apply for a camp site for the first time, fill out the camping registration form but for the site number requested enter new. The new applications will be assigned after June 1st 2019.
  9. All campers will receive a reservation conformation form with your lot number  
  10. All unassigned applications will be returned to you with your full payment.